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with care

   The vineyard is worked traditionally by hand. The actions taken are the fruit of observation, cluster by cluster, to direct the optimal farming practices - leaf removal, pruning, and soil decompaction. The vines are pruned using the Royat cord technique. This technique separates the bunches, allowing the sunlight to ripen the fruit evenly.

The vines are considered to be part of the ecosystem. This is why special attention is paid to the vines so that they can grow in the most natural way possible.

Jeune pousse de vigne

by plot

Clos Dubreuil only harvests and vinifies the very best grapes each season. A first sorting is carried out in the vineyard, where the grape-pickers are instructed to pick only the best bunches. The fruit is then taken to the winery where it undergoes two more sortings. The harvest is then gravity-fed into the tanks.


This high-performance tool enables us to vinify each parcel and terroir unit that defines Clos Dubreuil.

Thanks to its singularly vast configuration, we are able to carry out our operations with greater ease and precision outside the harvest.


julien viaud

The spacious, light-filled winery, with its understated contemporary architecture, is surrounded by the original, ancient garden wall from which the estate draws its name. A perfect metaphor for the juxtaposition of Clos Dubreuil’s traditional, old-fashioned farming philosophy and our modern, cutting-edge winemaking practices. We aim to expose our fruit to as few mechanical constraints as possible, from grape reception to bottling. We use very little mechanical crushing, opting for cold vat maceration to extract the juice, and the winery is entirely gravity-fed.

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