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Bouteille de Clos Dubreuil

clos dubreuil

Cultivated on the estate’s most exceptional soils, Clos Dubreuil reveals a distinctive personality around an astoundingly complex aromatic palette. On the palate, individual aromas of black cherry, blackberry, and raspberry present themselves in an exact fashion. The grapes that craft Clos Dubreuil thrive on the estate’s plateau, resulting in lovely freshness and acidity. It is a wine with great cellaring potential; after a decade, it should reveal notes of truffle that will delight the tastebuds.

Bouteille d'Anna


Anna expresses the same aromas as Clos Dubreuil while offering greater accessibility on the palate. Its notes of ripe fruit (black cherry, blackberry, and raspberry) and smooth tannins make it an immediately pleasurable wine that is wholly delightful and delectable at a young age. While it promises years of cellaring, like Clos Dubreuil, it will reach its peak earlier.

Étiquette d'anna
Bouteille de Chardonnay Dubreuil


Ideal for gastronomy, this finely honed, flavorful wine is appreciated for its notes of citrus fruit, including grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin, characteristic of Chardonnay. Its saline finish is an expression of the soil in which its grapes are cultivated. Barrel aging is deliberately limited so as to preserve the varietal’s unique personality.

Pastille de Clos Dubreuil
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